As part of our normal, ongoing customer services, United Structures provides our customers with Engineering, Project Management, Design/Build Assistance and Installation for all Cold-Formed Steel Trusses we fabricate.

To ensure correct, timely delivery and installation, our Project Managers provide a single point-of-contact for each project no matter how large or small.

Our staff stands ready to assist you to ensure optimum utilization of your budget dollars in consideration of your building's design requirements. We work with our clients to ensure their ultimate satisfaction.


engineeringThe Engineering Team at United Structures is second to none in the industry. They are recognized for their professional expertise and their ability to provide advice or to find solutions to optimize the design, fabrication and installation process for the Cold-Formed Steel Trusses. They team up with our clients to combine their needs and their vision to provide value-added engineering solutions that are innovative, practical, technically sound, and within budget both in terms of time and money.

United Structures' engineers along with a team of designers/drafters prepare drawings supported by engineering calculations including but not limited to connection and bracing designs that interpret the specifications, as prepared by the Engineer of Record (EOR), into the specific details necessary to manufacture and install Cold-Formed Steel Trusses most efficiently.


project managementUnited Structures' Project Managers approach every project focused on the goals and challenges of our clients. Your priorities are ours. Our Project Management Team provides a single point of contact for each project and customer. Once a project is under contract, the Project Manager is involved in every aspect of the project – right through engineering, manufacturing and installation. Our Project Managers also pay close attention to risk and safety management on the construction sites where we operate. We plan and organize operations to be carried out safely, while also ensuring that our subcontractors comply with applicable regulations and safety standards.


Design BuildUnited Structures provides at no cost, with specific intent to minimize the cost of construction and reduce completion time for you. Our District Sales Managers in conjunction with our Engineering Team provide you design assistance by overlapping design and construction stages. This approach minimizes the risks of building projects and reduces their completion schedules.

United Structures involvement from the design phase ensures better control of budgets and construction schedules. The whole process is simplified and consolidated. Our approach is designed to fit your project, its budget and schedule.

Our experience tells us that the best projects are the result of all partners working closely. This goal is achieved best by utilizing the Design/Build, Design/Assist approach.

FABRICATIONFabrication Spark

United Structures' manufacturing facility (total area of 50,000 sqft.) is among the most modern, safe, and productive in the industry. Our advanced production systems allow United Structures to track each Cold Formed Steel Truss component through the entire material procurement, 3D modeling/engineering, fabrication and erection.

At United Structures, we understand product quality, job site management and timelines are critical factors in the execution of projects. United Structures reliability makes life easier for our customers.

Our products stand out in terms of their exceptional quality. No matter the project, our products comply with all current technical requirements and building codes. Our flexibility manifests itself in the form of a rapid handling of all inquiries or last-minute changes.

United Structures knows that the strength rests on the know-how and day-to-day commitment of it's employees towards the pursuit of a better customer experience. This is why we strive to ensure that our teams share a common culture based on attitudes, values and good practices that foster it's continuous improvement.

United Structures is also committed to providing a workplace environment that respects all health and safety standards and promotes it's employees well-being.



InstallationUnited Structures leads the way when it comes to efficient and creative options for installing your project. We emphasize detailed planning and coordination between United Structures, our customer and other trades to ensure tasks are accomplished effectively and safely in fabrication, delivery and installation. Our planning and coordination methods are focused at making things happen, not simply monitoring what has already occurred. We bring added value to any project big or small. We will select partners (Installers) with a degree of experience and philosophy equal to our own to provide you with an extraordinary experience.

Too many companies in the Cold-Formed Steel Truss industry optimize their products taking into account the needs of their manufacturing plant, rather than for those who use them on-site. At United Structures our approach represents a completely different solution. We have improved our products so that they are installed easily, quickly, and safely. Installation 1We also work hand in hand with General Contractors to ensure that on-site components are optimally and safely assembled. Using this approach, we coordinate an organized delivery of components, limiting sorting and handling thus contributing towards the organization and safety of the construction site.

That’s why those who have experienced our services never hesitate to recommend us.